Exporting fx plugin with presets problem

  • When I export fx plugin, my user presets aren't exported with the fx plugin (as factory presets).
    How can we do that? Is this a bug?

  • Try this:

    1 Go to menu Files

    2 Settings

    3 Project property

    4 Embed Audio file in Plugin =Yes

  • administrators

    Actually all user presets in your project directory (in the subfolder UserPresets) should be embedded into the binary plugin and extracted to the AppData folder on first launch under

    AppData/Company/Product/User Presets

    Mind the space for a non-nerdy end user experience :)

    Have you checked if this is happening with instrument plugins as well?

  • Hello

    • "Embed Audio file in Plugin =Yes" already.

    • There is a folder like that, but there are no user presets !
      Directory is this:
      C:\Users\UserA\AppData\Roaming\Company\Plugin name\User Presets

    There is a problem with exporting fx plugin presets.

    • Can we use presets in a folder that places with in fx plugin directory?

    • I didn't try on instruments, but I will try.

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