Preset menu with image buttons & like Waves :)

  • Hello
    How can we make a preset menu like this with image buttons?

    -With dropdown list (not browser)
    -A/B compare buttons
    -Image button navigation (not vectoral graphics, only images)

    alt text

  • You can make a custom menu using a panel

  • Yes I know, I've made a menu with panel. But how about image button menu with A/B comparement?

  • Well you can add an image to a panel so that would give you an image button menu, no? For the A/B you'd need to script the logic of two buttons or panels to switch between presets.

  • Thank you
    When I export my fx plugin, it doesn't export factory presets (user presets). How can we do that?
    Can we add an image to a panel? Do you mean linking an image under a panel?

  • I've not exported an FX plugin so I can't help with that part. To add an image you can either add an image control to the panel (although I think this will block the panel click event), you can put an image under the panel, as you suggest, and make the panel transparent, or you can use the graphics object to draw the image on the panel (this is the option I would use).

  • Thank you....

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    See other thread...

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