Creating Automatic Codes on UI Json Data....

  • I know this may be a stupid question, but I couldn't find to create knob scripts automatically on UI JSon data.
    Old Hise versions are making that automatically. New Hise is creating scripts fr panels and script images. But I couldn't find it for knobs??

  • administrators

    No, please don't use the UI JSON Data drop-down in the editor, it is terrible :)

    I really need to delete this. Use the JSON popup editor instead as shown in this tutorial:

  • Ok I see.
    Actually I have lots of special knobs and images. Because plugins gives error that "images are not found"
    How can I distribute them?

  • administrators

    Have you set Embed AudioFiles into Plugin to Yes? Because then it should also embed the images (actually I could rename this property to Embed External Resources into Binary).

  • Ok, now I see. Thank you mate :)

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