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  • I've completely removed JACK now and set the JACK flag to 0 in projucer. I'm still getting the JUCE Assertion failure in UtilityClasses.h:489 message though when trying to run it but I think this rules out JACK as the cause.

    Is there a simple way to open the HISE project in code blocks? I might be able to do some more useful debugging.

  • I couldn't get it running in codeblocks but I found a front end for gdb which is giving me a little more info. It seems (but I could be way off) that the crash occurs in PresetHandler.cpp at this line 2161 ScopedPointer<Processor> p = t->createProcessor(j, "X");

    I just put return false; at the beginning of that function XmlElement * PresetHandler::buildFactory(FactoryType *t, const String &factoryName) { return false; recompiled and HISE opens up :) Looks like my debugging skills aren't too shabby. I don't know how to fix it properly though so I'll leave that to you :)

  • Is it possible to export to a VSTi on Linux yet? I'm only seeing options for VS2013 and VS2015 when I select VSTi. Should I be seeing something like G++/GCC?

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    No I haven't added automatic export for Linux yet. However you might try to export as Standalone app / VST plugin, then open the AutogeneratedProject.jucer file, add a Linux Makefile target, save and run it and with a little bit of luck it may work :)

  • Unfortunately only the standalone Mac/iOS options show up in the dialog.

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    Ah this is no problem the logic behind this is

    If windows then show Standalone app
    Else show Standalone OSX

    so I just didn't handle the Linux case when creating the dialogue options

  • I get a compilation error

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    I've just added support for exporting Standalone apps in Linux, but you have to manually launch the autogenerated bash script in the Binaries folder (somehow I can't spawn a process on Linux that opens a terminal automatically).

    1. Load the instrument
    2. File -> Export -> Export as Standalone App (VST plugin will follow soon)
    3. Press OK to open the Binaries folder.
    4. Open a terminal at the location and run ./

  • Thanks Christoph, looking forward to testing this

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