Multiple instruments?

  • Hello,
    My question may seem a bit silly, but I had not made it here.

    In fact I quietly start the development of a new bank of his. I wanted to know, how does the management of presets in Hise ...?

    Let me explain: If I have several instruments that are already samples, do I create a .HIP file each time I use user presets?

    For the moment, I have the impression that the user presets do not store the identity of the samples ... when I change the preset the samples remain the same ...

    I guess there is a way to do it, but I can not find it. I suspect that I do not have to create a VST file for each instrument, otherwise it would be heavy.

  • Yesss! Really.


  • showing samples in the GUI (to select it and save it in preset):

    const var ComboBox = Content.addComboBox("ComboBox", 721, 3);// [JSON ComboBox]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("ComboBox", {
      "text": "Presets",
      "width": 189,
      "bgColour": 4278190080,
      "itemColour": 4278190080,
      "itemColour2": 4211081216,
      "pluginParameterName": "Presets",
      "items": ""
    // [/JSON ComboBox]
    const var Sampler = Synth.getSampler("Sampler");
    const var sampleMapList = Sampler.getSampleMapList();
    ComboBox.set("items", sampleMapList.join("\n"));
    inline function onComboBoxControl(component, value)
    const var presetDecButton = UserPresetWidgets.createPresetButton("presetDecButton", 379, 8, false);
    const var presetIncButton = UserPresetWidgets.createPresetButton("presetIncButton", 575, 9, true);
    const var presetDisplayPanel = UserPresetWidgets.createPresetDisplay("presetDisplayPanel", 405, 6);
    UserPresetWidgets.setPresetBrowserLookAndFeel(presetDisplayPanel, "Digital-7 Mono", 15, "0xFFAAAAAA");
    const var settingsButton = SettingsButton.createSettingsButton("settingsButton", 5, 5);
    const var PerformanceLabel = Content.addFloatingTile("PerformanceLabel", 31, 2);
    // [JSON PerformanceLabel]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("PerformanceLabel", {
      "width": 186,
      "height": 32
    // [/JSON PerformanceLabel]
    const var perfData = {
      "Type": "PerformanceLabel",
      "Font": "Digital-7 Mono",
      "FontSize": "12.0",
      "ColourData": {
        "textColour": "0xAAFFFFFF"
    const var Tooltips = Content.addFloatingTile("Tooltips", 1128, 2);
    // [JSON Tooltips]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("Tooltips", {
      "width": 453,
      "height": 26,
      "itemColour": 4294901760,
      "itemColour2": 4294901760
    // [/JSON Tooltips]
    Tooltips.setContentData({"Type": "TooltipPanel", 
                             "FontSize": 13.0, 
                             "ColourData": {"bgColour": "0x000000"}});

    i used it for a multisample/library rompler. Of course all set "save in preset" = yes

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