Linux Build ?

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if Hise could export as a plugin for linux? And if so, in what format?

    I also imagine that it is necessary to be under linux, so what distribution?

  • I'm running it on Linux Mint so I guess any Debian distro works, but you can build it for the distro you are using. I don't think it can export as a plugin yet, only standalone, but I'm hoping Christoph will add VST support :)

  • Linux support the VST? I saw other extension for linux like LADSPA or LV2 but I did not know for the VST ...

    Do you believe there is enough community to make it worthwhile?

  • administrators

    In my experience: no, but I am sure David will disagree ;)

  • Doesn't have to be VST although I think that is the most supported by DAWs. Yes VST works on Linux -

    There's also the LinVST wrapper to allow Windows VSTs to work on Linux -

  • OK, thanks...

    I think I will pass my turn, unless I ask for it in the future ...

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