SettingsButton.js (5): Deprecated ???

  • Hello,
    I managed with the latest version on Github to compile Hise.

    Only, I receive an indication:

    SettingsButton.js (5): Deprecated {TUFTVEVSfFNldHRpbmdzQnV0dG9uLmpzfDg0fDV8NTA =}

    What does it mean ?

  • administrators

    It means that the API call Engine.getSettingsObject() was a fail of epic dimensions that created weird issues and never worked correctly so I removed it. I'll update the SettingsButton.js example in the tutorial repository so that it creates the object directly (which is clearer anyway)

  • hello !
    i noticed that and (but maybe made errors) if you create synth (without sampler module) and compiling it: It ALWAYS ask (in vst and standalone) the samples location...

    :D funny...

    Without that it's a very good version. Good work.
    for now as i use the .js files (as Alexaudio) i stay on the version before.

  • administrators

    Yes, a instrument plugin always asks for the sample folder. This is because HISE is the "open source framework for SAMPLE based instruments" :)

    I already deactivated this for VST effect plugins, but you're right, I could check if there are any sampler modules used and skip that, good suggestion

  • administrators

    FYI, I posted a code example in this thread that solves the SettingsButton problem:

  • Big thanks!

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