Search and replace in external editor

  • Is this a possibility? Perhaps with keyboard shortcut CTRL+F.

  • Jeah!, i am also for switching to CTRL+F. Plus that the default action for Enter is changed to Next instead of Replace next. In the beginning i always messed up the code because of my (and i think very common) CTRL-F + SearchText + Enter reflexes.


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    Alright, I'll change it to Ctrl+F (it's Ctrl+H because of Visual Studio, but Ctrl+F might be the more common shortcut).

  • I didn't even realise there was a shortcut already. Now go away and enjoy your birthday Christoph! ;-)

  • Another issue related to this is when right clicking and selecting Search & Replace in an external popup on a second (virtual) desktop it jumps back to the desktop with the main HISE window on.

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