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  • Hi,

    I've finally put my scripting framework on Github. This contains all of my code libraries, my UI factory (for speedy UI development), and lots of modules. Some of the code probably doesn't work or has bugs and there are multiple versions of some scripts and modules at various levels of completeness. I'm only building this for my own use so it is available as is. Some of the functions are well commented, others are yet to be documented at all.

    Everything is released under GPLv3.0 unless otherwise stated, although I haven't got around to putting the header comment in each file yet.


  • Wow, amazing!

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    Awesome! Btw, do you still need that {GLOBAL_FOLDER} redirect function - I just remembered this by looking at your repository :)

  • I never actually got around to working with it, I've just being using absolute paths

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    Well, this will lead to disastrous errors on a apocalyptic scale as soon as you compile plugins :)

  • Uh oh... tell me more!

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    Scripts will be embedded using the relative path from the project folder / or global folder as identification. Think of it like a big JSON object:

        "{PROJECT_FOLDER}Script1.js": "onInit...",
        "{PROJECT_FOLDER}Script2.js": "include(\"{GLOBAL_FOLDER}somethingElse.js\"); onInit...",
        "{GLOBAL_FOLDER}somethingElse.js": ...

    Now using absolute file paths may work, but it's pretty much undefined behaviour and can go wrong on certain OS version or under rare conditions (the other way is well tested on all platforms).

    What I can offer is the same mechanism that exists for sample folder relocation: a file in the "real" GlobalScript folder (the %APPDATA%/HISE/GlobalScriptFolder) called LinkWindows / LinkOSX that contains the path to the actual folder (in your case the repository root folder) and HISE will resolve this during development as well as when compiling.

  • Ah I understand now. Yes that would be a very good solution I think.

  • Took a quick look on GitHub. Very good work Dave, can I suggest that one of your videos covering how to deploy this in the development process would be really useful.

  • Once I've cleaned up the code a little and added more comments I'll do a little video.

  • I've added a bunch of Sublime Text 3 Snippets for HISE to the repo - I'm not sure I'll be adding any more as I'm pretty much doing everything directly in HISE now, if you have some snippets you'd like me to add to the repository just let me know :)

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