Sampler.getSampleMap() function

  • Could we have a function to get the name of the currently loaded sample map for a particular sampler, that way I can save it with my preset data and load it automatically when changing presets.

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    What I am doing in this case is to just store the control value of the widget that loads different sample maps:

    const var sampleList = Sampler.getSampleMapList();
    for(sampleMap in sampleList)
    function onControl()

    A combobox would be the easiest component, but you can also use a custom panel for this.

  • The problem I have is this requires a combo box for each sampler. What I'd like to do is loop through all the samplers and store all of the current sample map names in an array which is then stored in a hidden storage panel.

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    Ah, I see. That should be no problem, I'll add this method (I'll call it Sampler.getCurrentSampleMap() though).

  • Thanks again :)

  • Bump bump ;)

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    I've just added this.

  • I see you've been busy with commits today :) thanks

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