Launch Crash on OS Sierra

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    After scrolling down for 20 minutes :) I noticed you're using the Wavetable synth. To be honest this thing should have been removed for the 1.0.0 release since it has hardcoded wavetables of a clarinet that I was working on in ancient times. I'll take a look, but don't expect anything useful out of this sound generator...

  • No problem, I was perusing different generators and left the computer for minute, came back to a crash report. Yeah... That crash log was mammoth.
    Anyways, I hope you get the standalone fixed soon.
    The vsti (if it behaves) seems more than suitable for now.

    Thanks for the help, and GREAT software.

  • Little question.... Will there be a wavetable with loadable wav files in the future?
    That would be absolutely spoiling us :)

    Oh, and why no compressor in effects?

    Anyways... Again, Amazing work... I'm flawed by the features already there.

  • NOPE... This was after loading a few samples creating a multi sample hat drum stack, then playing with the velocity envelope editor while triggering samples with midi controller.


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    Wow, you're on fire :)

    Normally the sampler is supposed to be the most stable part of HISE so this crash is a little bit more worrysome than in the wavetable synth. Did you use the multimic feature?

  • No... Straight Sampler, Drop Samples, Layout Velocities, Adjust Velocity envelope in gain modulator BOOM!!! Hard crash, No more Reaper on screen, Greeted by crash report! Game over :(

    I'm now running it through it's paces in Ableton... Seems less temperamental, tho I'm trying to load a SFZ as table and it seems to have frozen on the spinning beach ball of death. :(

  • Still Getting this in vst using sampler... It occurred when I tried to reopen the vst window.
    Let me know if these help, or not so much.

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    Thanks, this is very helpful. I'll take a look tomorrow (the fix should be easy).

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    Alright. I've (probably) pushed a fix for this. Can you check if this still occurs (if you can't compile HISE from the source code, let me know, then I'll build it for you).

    BTW, can you send me the SFZ file that's crashing? The SFZ importer is not 100% standard compliant, I just tested it with .sfz files that I created using Chicken Translator.

  • I have no idea how to compile software... Tho at times I wish I could.
    I'm happy to test for you tho, if you e-mail (saves me having to check this site) or post a link I'll give it a go.


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