HISE Lossless Audio Codec is ready

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    If you use the eg. first and the last sample, then the error signal is the same as the original signal and you don't gain anything :)

    4 samples yield the best balance between full signal bit depth and error signal bit depth.

    I might improve the algorithm by using cubic splines and 8 sample stride, but I have the gut feeling that this only yields a few percents vs. a massive performance increase...

  • Can the same monolith be used by all formats of plugin? so I can create my monolith on a PC and it can also be used on Linux and Mac - that was I only need to upload the samples once for every OS

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    Of course. i didn 't test it on Linux yet but the test suite passes on OSX and so I expect it to also pass on Linux...

  • Christoph, this format would actually be good for audio editing as well. I'll keep this in mind, it would be great to use this in other places.

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    Well, there are a few limitations that may make it less useful for this purpose:

    • it's currently limited to 16 bit (but with a auto normalization feature when converting 24bit samples so that you get the full 16 bit range so you don't further reduce the bit depth when compressing unnormalized samples). While editing you might want to retain the full bit depth though.
    • It has a internal block size of 4096 samples and a lookup table at the beginning to seek to these positions. Seeking to intermediate positions comes with a slight performance penalty (it just decodes the whole block and throws away the unused samples) , but editing may be more tricky because you usually want to cut / truncate samples anywhere.

  • Does HLAC work with stereo samples?

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    Why on earth would you need stereo samples?

    Just kidding :), of course. What made you think it doesn't?

  • That's good, I assumed it did but I was reading the HLAC read-me earlier and this line "suitable for monophonic audio signals like samples" prompted my query.

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    Ah yes, this is a bit misleading. I mean monophonic in contrary to polyphonic (FLAC and all other codecs have to work with fully mixed and mastered songs, which isn't the case when just using samples).

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