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  • Oh yeah that would be great :)

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    There you go:

    Thanks again for doing this!

  • Dave, let me add my thanks too. Well done.

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    BTW before you tackle multimic handling, I would like to improve the workflow of merging as the current one is a little bit too hacky (and fails pretty quickly if the file name scheme isn't perfect). If you have any suggestions, let me know - I think you used that feature more often than me by now :)

  • I've not yet found any problems with the multi-mic handling, except for the ones you already helped me solve, I think it's quite straightforward. The only related area where I've found limitations is with some of the effects not being multi-channel too.

  • Just a quick update. I've been busy for the past few months with decorating a house, building Kontakt libraries and doing other bits and bobs and haven't had chance to make any more videos. However I'm finishing off my first major HISE project and will be finished decorating next week so should have some free time. I have a lot of tutorial videos planned...

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    Awesome. Do you have an idea what topic you'll cover next?

  • Probably some scripting basics, like callbacks.

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    Great idea. If you do this, make sure that you recommend the new control callback way with passing inline functions in setCustomControlCallback because this is really a better programming style than the old big switch statement in the onControl callback (it will stick around but can be considered a bit deprecated).

  • I do like the on control callback because it keeps everything in one place but I can see the new system being useful for larger scripts. I shall include both in the video :)

  • A quick little video showing how editing the user preset xml files in a text editor can be a time saver.

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