Text Colour Property For Combo Boxes

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    The setColour method is really ancient so don't waste your time with it. But I'll add support for the textColour property.

  • Cool thanks :)

  • Has this been implemented?

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  • Yippie! :)

  • Is there a simple calculate to convert between HEX and whatever colour code format is used by HISE json?

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    Colours are usually coded using 32bit unsigned integers and the values that the HISE JSON generator spit out are valid code numbers. However the hexadecimal view 0xAARRGGBB is much more (about a ratio of 100000x) readable - in fact the only conversion I am capable of is transparent black = 0 :)

    But why do you need to convert those? They are made from a machine for a machine and if a human wants to intercept, he can just talk his language (the AARRGGBB format).

  • When I'm using control.set("bgColour", colourValue); I'm not sure what to put for the colour value when I get hex from the colour picker. If I'm using JSON it's not an issue as the colour picker inserts the correct value for me but I'm not using JSON that much.

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    Like that?


    control.set("bgColour", 0xB6954E23); // Important: the colour number without "" (prepending '0x'  before a number means hex notation)

  • Oh I was adding quotation marks, now I get it. Thanks!

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