Sample compression

  • Ah that's interesting

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    Are you sure about this? This sounds like cheating :)

  • What sort of CPU hit will I get using FLAC instead of WAV?

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    Factor 10. Makes no fun. It also seams to use a global state so decompressing multiple files simultaneous brings an extra hit.

    But I am thinking of writing a custom compression format in the not so distant future. Monophonic instrument samples do have lots of redundancy and I think an algorithm that takes this special type of material into account can beat a general purpose codec like FLAC...

  • That would be great. I've built a small patch with FLAC samples and didn't notice a performance hit but it didn't have any scripting and only one articulation, I wouldn't like to risk it on a larger instrument.

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    You can simply convert all your samples to FLAC, copy the HISE patch into Sublime, replace .wav with .flac and reimport that into HISE to compare the performance.

  • That's clever! I'll give it a go

  • Did you maybe try this out with a larger instrument? Interested to see how it compares in performance

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    @Dorian : I wrote a custom audio codec that outperforms FLAC by a factor of 10 - see:

    It doesn't compress as good as FLAC (you can expect the file size to be reduced to 45% instead of 25%), but it has hardly any overhead compared to uncompressed files.

    FLAC in it's current form is not suitable for streaming multiple voices (it allows ~70 voices to be decoded in realtime on my system vs. 700 uncompressed / HLAC compressed voices)

  • this looks great

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